Our History


Where we are now:

Oh how we have grown!

We started in 2008 with 40 kids , we recently added Agricola to our target areas and over 500 kids attended our annual Xmas party on Dec 29,2013

This year Guykids  has ”adopted” Dolphin Secondary School in Charlestown (700 students)

We are busy raising funds to support this new venture.

Recently, we joined forces with Blossoms of Guyana (a sister charity) to solicit funds through GlobalGiving .org

It was a very successful venture. With your help we exceeded our goal.

We will soon have our second annual Halloween Costume fundraising party.

Here is a partial list of disbursements to date:

In 2011 we hosted 250 kids. Food, clothing, toys, books, crayons etc were distributed.

In 2012, we sent 15 barrels of supplies, clothing , etc. and 400 kids attended the Xmas party.

At Easter 2012, I visited Guyana and distributed 24 calculators to common entrance students at Enterprise Primary School in Lodge

Later that year I sent 50 more calculators.

In 2013, we sent 22 barrels of books, school supplies, computers, and clothing and T shirts and 110 new sneakers.

In 2014, we sent 7 barrels and 12 boxes of books including a dozen Physics books. Many more barrels will follow.

The Rotary Club is receiving and distributing these books on our behalf.

We have finally acquired our 501C 3 status. Your donations will now be tax deductible.

We are Growing!