About Us

It has always been at the back of my mind to do some sort of philanthropic work. One day, in the supermarket , my friend J. who was returning to Guyana after her annual summer visit ,asked me to get some candy for the neighbor’s kids. I came to the check out waving two bags of candy only to hear her laughing. She explained that there were 40 kids next door in Kitty. She explained their situation. I promised to send clothes. I am sure she was very surprised when two barrels arrived. Armand helped me to sort and pack them.

My only request was to be sent photos as proof of the distribution. Melville then decided that the following year (2009) he would combine Pat Coates’ annual Christmas party with the clothing distribution. This was a great success. More photos followed.

Every year it grew to include kids from Sophia, Albouystown, Tiger Bay, and other places. Three years later on December 2011, we hosted four hundred kids. They were treated to fried chicken, chowmein, and other goodies.